About Us

Bindaas_snaps is the support and extention page of  www.bindaaskhabar.com
Bindaas snaps is publishing latest photographs of film, glamour  and fashion world. It is also providing platform to youngsters and new comers to place their profile and get published with tycoons of the industry. 

About bindaaskhabar
Bindaas Khabar is going to be almost four year old and now we think it's time to say thanks for your steady support. So it's you who deserve a special thanks. And we take this opportunity to share something with you.

oday we have network in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chandigarh. Soon we will be in many other cities in India.

We admit that like anyone, we too are enchanted with bollywood. So when we started this website, bollywood was upper most in our mind. But we also wanted to go beyond mere gossip. It is our endeavor to deliver a whole lot of other things to your desktop. And that too in a brief and precise mode (we understand the value of your time). That's including art, music, fashion and many more things. Of course bollywood still rule the roost. So we would like your feedback, suggestions and even few interesting post if you have to offer and want to share.